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White Eagle Window Replacement near Wilmette is a family-owned business. Since 1993, we have been providing excellent windows replacement and windows installation. Our years of experience in the industry allows us to work closely with reliable and professional general contractors, developers, general contractors, and management companies in Wilmette. Because of that, we can provide top-of-the-line materials from our exclusive manufacturers for a fair price. We are confident in the quality of our home window installation because all of our staff are highly trained to provide excellent workmanship. If you need any kind of window replacement including basement window replacement, our expert can help you customize your window that will fit your style and needs. We also offer professional roofing, gutters, siding, and door services. Having been in operation for a long time, we are accustomed to meeting new challenges and technologies to provide the best service to all of our customers. Get in touch with us and talk to one of our professionals.

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How Our Windows Installation Wilmette, IL Works

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27 Years Of Experience

For 27 years, we have been a trusted source for window replacement and windows installation in the Wilmette area. And that includes windows of all sizes.

Skilled & Experienced Contractors

Our team of expert-trained, dedicated window installers in Wilmette are ready for any call, and will get the windows replacement and windows installation done with precision and efficiency.

Top-Quality Service

We offer the gold standard for our customers, and that is how we keep raising the bar for window replacement and windows installation companies in Wilmette.

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FAQ - Window Replacement Wilmette, IL

Will window replacement cut down my heating bills in Wilmette?

Absolutely! Nowadays, newer energy-efficient windows are designed to have thermal efficiency, keeping the heat in and the cold out. An older home can lose up to 50% of its energy, which is why our window replacement company in Wilmette is here for you!

What affects the cost of a window replacement in Wilmette?

The window style, glass package, and frame materials are what affect window replacement in Wilmette. Sizes, quantity, and quality are also some of the factors that will add to your costs.

How to choose the right window replacement companies in Wilmette?

When looking for window replacement companies near me in Wilmette, you need to look for dedicated window installers, a no-money-down guarantee, so you're not saddled with substandard products or shoddy installation, direct contact with the owner, and lifetime material as well as labor warranties.

What preparation to do in window installation in Wilmette?

All furniture and objects in front of the window should be moved for the window installers in Wilmette will have an open area to work. Remove any wall decoration and curtains as well as blinds. Disable window security systems as well to start the window installation process.

What Clients Say About Our Company - Window Replacement Wilmette, IL

  • Chase Williams
    White Eagle Window Replacement is now my go-to company for any window replacement I may have in Wilmette. Such outstanding service and friendly contractors.
    Chase Williams
    Wilmette, IL
  • Julia Byrd
     I have heard White Eagle Window Replacement from a friend of mine and decided to give it a try for my basement window replacement in Wilmette. Thank goodness I did because they provided such excellent service!
    Julia Byrd
    Wilmette, IL
  • David Simons
    This window installer in Wilmette was able to provide the final touch to my home. The window installation went very smoothly, and the windows they installed matched my preferences and my home style. Thank you, White Eagle Window Replacement.
    David Simons
    Wilmette, IL
  • Giuseppe Reed
    White Eagle Window Replacement provided an honest estimate with me when it came to my window replacement in Wilmette. The price was very affordable, considering they had to replace all the windows in our home. I'm delighted with the result they provided.
    Giuseppe Reed
    Wilmette, IL

Tips To Choosing the Best Window Replacement Company Wilmette, IL

An excellent windows installation or replacement outcome deserves skillful work. A professional group of window installers Wilmette can do justice to your property with their broad knowledge and skills. They have the know-how in installing or replacing different window types with varying quality, sizes, designs, shapes, and materials.

To find out the best that you can trust among window replacement companies near Wilmette, perform a thorough background check that will allow you to determine their specialties and other available services.

Check if they are licensed, accredited, insured, and registered with all legal documents displayed that they can present to clients anytime. Read testimonials and reviews from previous clients to assess the credibility of the company.

Inquire about their rates and services to determine if they can perform the basement window replacement or windows installation you need for your home or office. For a reputable company, choose White Eagle Window Replacement!

Do You Know Why Your Windows Making Noises?

White Eagle Window Replacement near Wilmette is one of the best window companies that exists that is able to solve any type of window-related problems. Therefore, today we’ll explain to you about the popping sound that your house’s windows make. The popping of your windows is a common problem that occurs as a result of sudden variations in temperatures during the day that cause the window’s material to expand and contract over time.

To prevent this problem from getting worse and annoying over time, you can call our Wilmette-based window installer to take care of it as soon as possible, through a new windows installation procedure. While you can request us to replace a particular window, you can also with all of them and even request a basement window replacement. If you want to know more information about our rates, call us.

How Are Windows Installed? - Window Replacement Wilmette, IL

On the scheduled day of your window installation in Wilmette, our window installers will arrive at the agreed-upon time to begin the window replacement process. Every area we access will be prepared with drop cloths so that any fallen debris is captured. That way, your existing windows can be removed without creating a big mess. After removing the old windows, our installers will thoroughly clean the window openings completely to place the new windows securely. This then leads to adding the proper insulation and sealing every frame into place for an airtight fit.  When done, we’ll begin the cleanup process. Our window installation service in Wilmette is not done until our team takes care of old window disposal and gathers up any mess that might have been missed by the drop cloths. Make sure you go over any cleanup process before agreeing to your window installation. Reputable window replacement companies in Wilmette should be responsible for cleaning everything up before leaving your home.  

White Eagle Window Replacement Wilmette, IL - Where You Can Find Our Company

How To Know It’s Time For Window Replacement Wilmette, IL

Condensation: A condensation between your window panes means that you need a window replacement. When moisture gets between the glass panes, it indicates that the seals are no longer serving their purpose, something that is easy to solve by excellent window companies.

Drafts: Old windows become drafty overtime, letting air inside your home escape. It results in higher electricity bills or uncomfortable air entering your room.

Hot to the Touch in Warmer Weather: Installing outdated replacement windows, usually a single pane, provides minimum protection against warm air from outdoors. Hot windows in summer show they are poorly insulated.

Cold to the Touch in Colder Weather: Problems with insulation become worse during winter. When your windows are cold on frigid days, it's a sign to get a new one from the reputable window replacement companies in Wilmette.

Cracked or Broken Window Frames: Fixing a small crack on your window frame will prevent further damage before they get worse.

Why You Should Never DIY Windows Installation Wilmette, IL

Quality of Work

Window installation or window replacement is a complicated process. No matter what type of window you have, you need the expertise of a professional windows installer Wilmette because a single mistake can ruin the function of your window. 

Mistakes Are Expensive

People who don’t have the experience and skills in performing window installation are likely to make costly mistakes. Improper installation can lead to inefficient indoor air and can spike your energy bills. Hiring window replacement companies like White Eagle Window Replacement near Wilmette is efficient and cost-effective.

Requires Building Codes for Residential Properties

If you are trying to do the project on your own, make sure that you understand building codes, or else you may be facing a huge fine. A certified and licensed window installer can help you pass the codes required for residential properties. 

Issues With Security

A professional can make your home safer with burglars and during emergencies with high-quality window installation. 

Popular Myths of Windows Replacement Wilmette, IL

Myth #1: Window Replacement is Different from New Window Installation

The difference between a replacement window and window installation in Wilmette is negligible. The wood windows installation process can differ from aluminum or vinyl windows. When deciding on a window replacement in Wilmette, consider if you need a full-frame replacement for wood or an insert replacement.

Myth #2: You Can’t Do a Window Replacement in the Winter

It is commonly thought that the freezing temperatures of winter make it impossible to have a window replacement in Wilmette, but that’s a misconception. Specialists at window companies in Wilmette will know how to take precautions that protect a home from being exposed to the cold.

Myth #3: Windows Have Nothing to Do with Energy Efficiency

Check with the experts and you will hear that up to 70 percent of the energy in a home is lost to leaks in windows and doors. As well, 90 percent of that energy is lost through the glass itself.

Myth #4: The Best Choice is Wood Windows

Wood was once the top choice for windows installation in Wilmette. Vinyl windows have taken over as the better option in several ways. A vinyl window replacement in Wilmette utilizes unplasticized PVC (uPVC) for exceptional water resistance, strength, and durability. You can also expect more maintenance needs for wood while vinyl windows do not require much maintenance at all.

Checklist: How to Find Trustworthy Window Companies Wilmette, IL

Our expert window installers in Wilmette have provided you with the following checklist to get the best window companies out there.

1Coordinate with your home insurance company before hiring a window installer Wilmette service; check what aspects are covered and that it does not void your policy.
2Check the authenticity of licenses when hiring a contractor, verify their business registrations, insurance policies, and bonding with subcontractors to avoid being scammed by illegal ones.
3Ask for reasonable estimates from at least three potential window installers. Do not directly choose the lowest estimate without explanation. This is essential not to break your bank because of hidden charges.
4Assess previous and present works that prove that the window company in Wilmette lives up to its promised work quality and values its customers. You can also see the after-work clean-up routine they do to ensure the cleanliness of your homes.
5Seek a realistic timeline to know how long the window installation will take and what factors can affect this timeline, such as bad weather and clean-up, to plan the next steps
White Eagle Windows Installation near me in Wilmette can provide you with the best services for all your window installation requirements. Contact us today to get a free estimate!

Preparing Your House For Window Installation Wilmette, IL


Make Room For Window Installers

First, clear the area surrounding the windows so that the windows installers Wilmette may work in peace. Everything in the workspace, such as desks, chairs, plants, and carpets, that is in close proximity to the windows or on the routes that lead there should be removed. In addition, you'll have to clear the outside of your house.

Take Down Your Wall Art and Window Treatments

Inside, you should clear the floor space and take down any drapes, sheers, or blinds from the windows. Take down any artwork or wall décor that is in close proximity to the windows. To prevent wall vibration damage, remove wall decorations.

Choose The Topics That Need Attention

The contractors from windows companies Wilmette will install your windows and will likely use drop cloths and do their best to contain any mess they make. There should be safety shields in place, so feel free to inquire if you don't see any. If your windows have been in business for some time, replacing them may be a dusty procedure.

Why You Should Get A Window Replacement Wilmette, IL

Of Energy

Having energy-efficient windows will lessen your energy bills as your home will have good insulation and less exchange with the exterior. It also means your AC won't have to work so hard to keep your room at a comfortable temperature.

The Warm Inside

Plenty of professional window companies Wilmette area perform proper window installation, which will maintain consistent temperatures inside a home. With quality windows, there's no need to adjust your AC all the time. 


A new window installation would mean increased security in your home. Windows that don't do their job are susceptible to security risks.  

The Outside Noise

Outdoors can be chaotic sometimes, and there is plenty of unwanted noise you don't want to hear inside your home when you're sleeping or relaxing. With a new window installation Wilmette, it can stand against those sounds.