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White Eagle Window Replacement has years of experience in providing the best window services to our customers. We are the ones that you can rely on and trust when it comes to your window replacement and windows installation near me in Prospect Heights.

We are one of the window replacement companies in Prospect Heights, a family-owned and operated business since 1993. Our team is accustomed to meeting new challenges and technologies to ensure that our work is handled properly for all our customers. We make sure to work closely with architects, general contractors, developers, and management companies to ensure our clients get the best solution.

White Eagle Window Replacement provides a wide range of services on top of professional window replacement and window installation service in Prospect Heights. You can trust our team to provide basement window replacement and living room window replacement. We will provide you with the best top-quality, efficient, and low-cost window installer working for you. We are your best choice when it comes to your window needs.

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27 Years Of Experience

White Eagle Window Replacement is the leader of the window replacement companies in Prospect Heights having served the community for more than 27 years.

Skilled & Experienced Window Installation

Years of experience have allowed our window installers in Prospect Heights to master the necessary skills. So we can bring you a window installation that is suitable for any situation.

Top-Quality Service

Your window repair and windows installation in Prospect Heights will always be handled with outstanding service. You can expect window replacement service that will exceed your expectations with friendly and knowledgeable professionals.

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What Clients Say - White Eagle Window Replacement Prospect Heights, IL

  • Jeffrey Wilcox
    White Eagle Window Replacement was recommended by my brother since he just had his window installation in Prospect Heights done by them. When it was time to get our windows replaced, the process was smooth, and I'm lost for words when I saw the outcome! Thank you!
    Jeffrey Wilcox
    Prospect Heights, IL
  • Kira Zimmerman
    It was such a smooth experience working with this window installer in Prospect Heights. White Eagle Window Replacement replaced my old, dingy windows into something fantastic and went beyond my expectations!
    Kira Zimmerman
    Prospect Heights, IL
  • David Blackwell
    White Eagle Window Replacement did such a great job with my window installation service in Prospect Heights. My home now looks modernized and beautiful! You guys are lifesavers!
    David Blackwell
    Prospect Heights, IL
  • Griffin Kennedy
    This window installer in Prospect Heights came through during my window replacement service. I needed a quick replacement, and they were in my home the next day. With efficient service, their prices are very affordable!
    Griffin Kennedy
    Prospect Heights, IL

Window Replacement Prospect Heights, IL - FAQ

If I do window replacement in Prospect Heights, will it cut down my heating bills?

No question about that.  If your old windows have a few years on them they could be unsealed and drafty in all seasons.  One sure way to keep your hard earned money from flying out your windows is contact White Eagle Window Replacement of Prospect Heights.

What parts of window replacement in Prospect Heights affect the cost?

The estimate you’ll receive for windows installation near Prospect Heights will be determined by the number and size of the windows to be replaced, whether the glass is tinted or untinted and your choice of fiberglass, metal or wood frames?

How can I choose the best window replacement company?

There are several windows replacement companies near me in Prospect Heights so doing a thorough internet search can help determine your choice.  Websites will often tell you much about their work and warranties and Google searches will reveal customer satisfaction.

Anything I should do before the window installation in Prospect Heights? 

Have your home prepared for your windows installation with a clear workspace free of furniture, curtains and blinds and White Eagle Window Replacement of Prospect Heights will do the rest!

What Do Windows Installation Prospect Heights, IL Look Like?

On the day of installation, a member from window companies near Prospect Heights like White Eagle Window Replacement will come to start the process at the scheduled time. Firstly they’ll ready the place by putting rags around the house to prevent debris from flying around during the installation. Once rags are set, then they’ll proceed to remove old windows..

After the old windows have been withdrawn, the windows installer will clear the opening carefully and will place the new windows installation. Once done, the sealing and insulation process will take place. So the experts from window installation service Prospect Heights will insulate first and then will seal the framework in its place.

The final step is to clear the area, and when windows installation is over, the windows installer in Prospect Heights will throw away the old windows and withdraw any dirt from rags. It’s advisable to discuss the cleanup process before accepting anything because cleaning is usually the window companies’ responsibility.

Do You Know What Popping Noises Mean? - Window Replacement Prospect Heights, IL

Have you ever wondered about the source of popping noises in your windows? It’s not any supernatural phenomena from Prospect Heights. Windows can sometimes make that popping sound, and it's a very common issue. However, to get it fixed you may need the help of an expert window company like White Eagle Window Replacement in Prospect Heights, as it requires a little investigation to find the cause, as sometimes the material can expand and/or contract and along with the window cladding can make that noise.

Usually, the places with chilly temperatures overnight and blistering morning heat due to the sun will experience this often. The most recommended approach to solve this is looking for any good professional window replacement companies in Prospect Heights as they are ready to perform a proper window installation or window replacement in Prospect Heights according to the conditions of your location. So they can ensure the popping noise is finally gone.

Signs That It’s Time To Do a Window Replacement Prospect Heights, IL

Moisture on Windows
An obvious sign that the window seals are no longer working properly is moisture between the glass panes, which is a challenging issue to fix. If you discover moisture or water droplets between the window panes, it is time to have window installation service in Prospect Heights.

Drafty Windows
It's possible that the old windows installations are no longer airtight and let cool air from your home escape. It can be really annoying to have drafty windows because they not only make your home less comfortable, but also cost you a higher electric bill.

Too Hot Windows
Windows that feel warm to the touch have likely been installed inefficiently. It is essential to call for a window installation service to have your windows replaced.

Too Cold Windows
During the cold season, your windows shouldn't be too cold to the touch. This can indicate that the windows have gaps, and inadequate insulation. Get in touch with window companies near me in Prospect Heights to get your windows replaced.

Cracked Windows
A simple crack on your window could be a sign of other serious problems. Before it gets any worse, have your window replacement done only by a professional windows installer.

Window Replacement Prospect Heights, IL - Myths

Myth #1: Replacing Window Differs From from Window Installation Prospect Heights, IL
The main difference between window installation and window replacement near me in Prospect Heights is that installation would depend on whether you need a full-frame replacement or a simple insert replacement. Other than that, the process is pretty much the same.

Myth #2: You Can Get Windows Replacement Only During Summer
As long as you need a window replacement, it doesn't matter what the season is, summer, winter, fall, or spring. There are plenty of homeowners that think they need to leave their homes or have a couple of weeks with open walls. However, that is not far from the truth. Count on our window installers to provide you with the highest quality of service you need.

Myth #3: Window Replacement Prospect Heights Doesn't Have Effect On Home's Energy Efficiency
One of the reasons why your energy bill increases are drafty windows. You need to ensure that you will have professional window installers so that you can have maximum savings on your monthly energy bills.

Myth #4: Wooden Windows Are The Best
Wood windows are perfect for aesthetics, but vinyl windows are superior to wood. Vinyl is made to be durable and water-resistant. It is also easy to maintain, so you don't have to worry about window replacement Prospect Heights soon if you keep up with maintenance.

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Window Replacement Prospect Heights, IL - Why You Should Never DIY Windows Installation

Poor Workmanship: Window installation in Prospect Heights is not a job for anyone. It requires expert knowledge to install the frame and add adequate insulation and trim to ensure no leaks or gaps in the windows can cause discomfort. 

Expensive Repairs: Doing DIY installation can entail expensive repairs in the future simply because you may lack the knowledge needed for proper window installation. A licensed window installation company ensures that your window replacement in Prospect Heights can last for years, making every penny worth it.

Compliance with Building Codes Requirements: Residential properties have building codes that only certified window installation companies can pass. Hiring our experts in Prospect Heights ensures access to your property and guarantees the quality of your windows.

Security Concerns: Window installation in Prospect Heights done by amateurs might be dangerous, causing burglars to break in easily to your homes. Additionally, you may have difficulty exiting your property if there is a fire emergency.