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White Eagle Window Replacement is a family-owned and operated business that offers quality window installation and window replacement that will match the beauty of your home and provide protection against elements. Since 1993, we have been in the industry since 1883, and our extensive experience allows us to work closely with general contractors, architects, management companies, and developers to provide all of our clients with the best solutions. Whether you need a basement window replacement or any other window replacement, you can rest assured that all of our windows installers are highly trained and qualified to handle all windows solutions. All of our windows meet our high-quality standards, and each of them has stylish possibilities and unique benefits. We also offer roofing, siding, gutters, and doors services. If you need to replace your house windows or need help with our other services, leave it to the experts! White Eagle Window Replacement near me in Elk Grove Village will come right to your front door. Call us today!

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Window Replacement Elk Grove Village, IL - How It Works

White Eagle Window Replacement Elk Grove Village, IL - Why Choose Us


27 Years Of Experience

You can rely on White Eagle Window Replacement as the best of the window replacement companies near Elk Grove Village. The reason is, we have actively served the region for over 27 years.

Skilled Professional Window Installation

Our incredible window installers in Elk Grove Village are masters in the skills needed to provide the best window installation with adaptability for any situation.

Top-Quality Service

Your window repair and windows installation in Elk Grove Village always comes with excellent customer service. Trust our window replacement service to far exceed your expectations with friendly and professional expertise.

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Window Replacement Elk Grove Village, IL

Is a window replacement going to cut down my heating bills in Elk Grove Village?

Yes! There are newer energy-efficient windows designed to have thermal efficiency for your window installation near me in Elk Grove Village. Older homes lose up to 50% of energy through drafty windows and doors.

Are there any cost effects to window replacement in Elk Grove Village?

When it comes to your window replacement services in Elk Grove Village, sizes, quantity, and quality are some of the factors that will add to your costs. Window style, glass package, and frame materials are also factors you need to take note of.

How to select window replacement companies in Elk Grove Village?

Look for a team of dedicated window installers in Elk Grove Village, a no money down guarantee, direct contact with the owner, lifetime material, and labor warranties. Choosing the right window replacement company is essential for efficient results.

Any preparation I should for window installation in Elk Grove Village?

All objects and furniture should be moved to give our window installers an open area to work in Elk Grove Village. Removing wall decorations close to the windows, all curtains, and window security systems should be disabled before starting our window installation process.

Windows Installation & Window Replacement Elk Grove Village, IL - What Our Clients Say

  • Julia Mitchell
    They only install the most energy-efficient windows, even in their basement windows. They put their mark on every home that is fortunate and wise enough to request their services. For your best windows, call White Eagle Window Replacement in Elk Grove Village today.
    Julia Mitchell
    Elk Grove Village, IL
  • George Lewis
    Some kids broke my windows. White Eagle Window Replacement in Elk Grove Village did windows installation for me real fast.
    George Lewis
    Elk Grove Village, IL
  • Bob Nelson
    The crew I trust to do the best windows installation in Elk Grove Village are the professional windows installers at White Eagle Window Replacement. They always do a top-notch job, they do it right the first time, and customers rave about the quality of their windows.
    Bob Nelson
    Elk Grove Village, IL
  • Sam Taylor
    I hate installing windows. Even though it looks simple, it takes a certain hand, and a very special skill set. Unless I am just a really incompetent contractor, but I don’t think that is it. Maybe I just prefer to leave it to the pros at White Eagle Window Replacement.
    Sam Taylor
    Elk Grove Village, IL

How To Choose the Best Company For Window Replacement Elk Grove Village, IL

There are some factors to consider when choosing a window replacement company for your next home improvement project. Reputable window replacement companies nearby Elk Grove Village know how to work with different window types.

Proper accreditation is also important in selecting the right company. An established company is acquired with the certification, accreditation, licensure, registration, and insurance appropriate to run their business.

On top of this, any windows installer assigned to your property should know how to perform the work flawlessly, regardless of the window type. Reviews and testimonials written by past clients will help you know if the company is the right one for you. Most importantly, esteemed companies in the area will charge fair rates for their window installation service.
Our window contractors are experts at putting windows together, no matter their shape, material, or size. Consider White Eagle Window Replacement for your next window replacement near Elk Grove Village. Inquire before you hire.

Do Your Windows Make Popping Noises?
Here is What That Could Signal

When it comes to window installation in Elk Grove Village, White Eagle Window Replacement is the best bet. This round we will explain a little more about the popping sounds that your windows sometimes make. Although it is something that should not happen frequently, it is nothing to seriously worry about, since the popping of the windows can be due to the expansion and contraction of the materials that make it up as a result of sudden changes in temperature in the area where you live. Due to the potential risk of your window cracking at any time to the breaking point and the uncomfortable noise it makes at any time, it is important to contact your window installer in order to perform a window replacement work to fix it. We’re the best choice, so call us now!

Window Replacement Elk Grove Village, IL - How Are Windows Installed?

On the day of your window installation in Elk Grove Village, our team will arrive on time based on what was arranged to begin the window replacement process. Your home will be prepared with drop cloths in key areas so that any debris is captured. Then your old windows can be removed without a mess. After removing your old windows, installers will clean the window openings completely and get the new windows in place. This will lead to adding the appropriate insulation and sealing each frame into place for a tight fit.   When done, it’s time for the cleanup. The window installation service in Elk Grove Village is not complete without our team disposing of your old windows and eliminating any mess that eluded the drop cloths. Make sure you review the cleanup process before agreeing to your window installation because reputable window replacement companies in Elk Grove Village should be responsible for leaving your home clean.

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When It’s Time For Window Replacement Elk Grove Village , IL

Condensation: Once condensation occurs between window panes, a window replacement is necessary. The seals fail when there's moisture in between glass panes, which is easy to fix.

Drafts: After years of use, old windows become drafty, allowing comfortable air to escape. Aside from a higher energy cost, this can also lead to unwanted changes on the air parameters of your abode.

Hot to the touch in warmer weather: Old replacement windows are typically single panes that provide little protection against warm air outdoors. A poorly insulated window feels hot during summer.

Cold to the Touch in Colder Weather: In winter, issues with insulation become worse. When your window feels cold on cooler days, ask reliable window replacement companies in Elk Grove Village for an upgrade.

Cracked or Broken Window Frames: A tiny crack in your windows might not be alarming, but fixing it right away with the help of experienced window companies helps avoid further issues.

Reasons Why You Should Never DIY Windows Installation Elk Grove Village, IL

Low Quality of Work

Window replacement or window installation is not easy and requires technical expertise. Doing the task by yourself can result in poor quality of work or not as appealing as done by a professional. A little mistake can affect the overall cost of your window. 

Expensive Mistakes

Some think that hiring window replacement companies like White Eagle Window Replacement Elk Grove Village costs more. But when you perform the task for the first time, you are bound to make mistakes that can cost more than hiring professionals. 

Local Building Codes

Did you check whether your windows are up to code? To ensure the quality of your windows and pass building codes, make sure to hire a professional windows installer Elk Grove Village. 


When it comes to your home’s safety, trust the professionals. DIY installation can make intruders break easily into your home. In addition, a well-planned window can help you during emergencies.

Windows Replacement Elk Grove Village, IL - Popular Myths

Myth #1: Window Replacement Differs from New Window Installation

There is not much of a difference between a replacement window and window installation in Elk Grove Village. The wood windows installation process, however, can be different from aluminum or vinyl windows. It’s important to think about whether you want a full-frame window replacement for wood or if an insert window replacement works for you.

Myth #2: A Window Replacement Can’t Be Done in Winter

It is a common belief that the icy temperatures of winter make it impossible for window replacement in Elk Grove Village, but that is simply not true. Experts at window companies in Elk Grove Village will have the knowledge needed to take precautions to offer protection from cold exposure while getting the job done.

Myth #3: Windows Are Not Related to Energy Efficiency

Ask the experts and they will tell you that up to 70 percent of a home’s energy is lost to air leaks in windows and doors. What’s more, 90 percent of that energy loss is right through the glass.

Myth #4: Always Go For Wood Windows

It used to be that wood was the best option for a window installation. Now, vinyl windows are better than wood in a few ways. A vinyl window replacement in Elk Grove Village uses unplasticized PVC (uPVC) for superior water resistance, safety, and durability. As well, expect more maintenance needs for wood where vinyl windows are just about maintenance-free.

Checklist: Hiring Trustworthy Windows Installer Elk Grove Village, IL

As experienced windows installation professionals, we have compiled this list to help you choose the best window installer in Elk Grove Village.

1Gather estimates in writing from a minimum of three window companies in Elk Grove Village. If you notice price variations, get direct responses as to why and don’t just go with the lowest price.
2You will want to see their professional licenses, insurance documents, and bonding certifications.
3Go to the current job sites of these window installers in Elk Grove Village to see how they handle safety and treat the property overall.
4Speak with your homeowner’s insurance company about any concerns you should have prior to the work beginning.
5Be certain you completely understand all the terms and conditions of the contract before you sign with any windows installation service in Elk Grove Village. 
6Go over interior and exterior home access with the window installers. Find out about their cleanup routine and bad weather policies. You may also ask about any other situations that could hinder their performance. Finally, your window installer in Elk Grove Village and all their subcontractors should be fully bonded. 
At White Eagle Windows Installation Elk Grove Village, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with services that exceed all of your expectations. Give us a call today to learn more about our services!

How to Get Your House Ready For The Windows Installation Elk Grove Village, IL


Take Away Barriers For Window Installers

Clear the space around the windows as promptly as you can so that the window installers Elk Grove Village may access them. In the workstation near windows or on walks leading to windows, this includes any furniture, plants, area rugs, or other items put there. You'll also need to clean up the outside of your house.

Remove Window Treatments And Wall Decor

Remove any window coverings, such as blinds, sheers, and curtains, and clean the inside floor. At the absolute least, dismantle any wall decorations that are adjacent to where the windows installation will take place. The best course of action could be to uninstall any wall decorations in the room since doing so lessens the possibility that wall vibrations would cause damage.

Decide What Must Be Covered

Window replacement companies Elk Grove Village will probably spread out drop cloths and make an effort to leave behind as little debris as they can. Whether you don't see any coverings for protection, inquire if you need to. The window replacement process may be untidy, especially if your windows have been in place for a long time.

Benefits Of Getting A Window Replacement Elk Grove Village, IL


The window replacement companies Elk Grove Village has, offer energy-efficient windows that feature a higher level of insulation. This can help your AC work more efficiently by preventing heat from passing to or from the exterior. 

Your Comfort

A common reason for window replacement Elk Grove Village residents share is to enjoy a steady indoor temperature through good insulation. This way they don’t have to keep changing the AC settings constantly. 


Old windows that can’t be locked, or are easy to break, can be a source of worry and fear for you and your loved ones. Keep your family safe with a strong window installation. 

Reduce The Noise From
The Outside

Good insulation provided by the window companies can keep the noise from your neighborhood away from your home. A window replacement can be the solution for those restless nights.