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Since 1993, White Eagle Window Replacement has been providing clients in Buffalo Grove with strong and top-quality windows installation and window replacement services. We aim for 100% client satisfaction at all times. We achieve this by delivering our best work possible for each project we perform.

Throughout our business, we have developed our services and incorporated better technology into our work including our window installation service, basement window replacement, and storm window replacement near me in Buffalo Grove and surrounding suburbs. We provide promising results to all our clients in the local area by making our work efficient, low-cost, and relevant. Using modern technology, we combine great design with high functionality for the comfort, safety, and convenience of our customers.

We take pride in our team of brilliant windows installers in Buffalo Grove to provide seamless work with your windows installation or window replacement needs. We are at your service 24/7. Feel free to contact White Eagle Window Replacement at any time.

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27 Years Of Experience

As a window replacement company in Buffalo Grove with over 27 years of combined experience, White Eagle Window Replacement has discovered the tricks and tips of the trade.

Skilled & Experienced Contractors

Our windows installers in Buffalo Grove have the best practices and installation techniques based on the established industry standards. This gives our customers assurance that our experienced contractors can surpass your expectations.

Top-Quality Service

Our window installation service in Buffalo Grove carries quality. Whether you opt for basement window replacement or other windows installation services, you'll get the best services with top-of-the-line products.

What To Consider When Choosing Contractors For Window Replacement Buffalo Grove, IL

Judge Product Quality

When it comes to quality window replacement near me in Buffalo Grove, it can last for 30 years or more. With low-quality windows, it can only last for five to ten years or less. The quality of materials is crucial in choosing windows.

Certifications and Endorsements

Ensure to look out for engineering certifications and endorsements when going through window companies in the Buffalo Grove area. The company was independently tested to meet high-quality industry.

Browse the Selection

Window replacement companies in Buffalo Grove have five types you can consider. They are aluminum, composite, fiberglass, wood, and vinyl.

Customer Service is Number One

The best window installation near Buffalo Grove begins with thorough planning. The best window installers will be with you every step of the process.

References & Referrals

Repeat business and referrals are huge indicators of quality. Ask for the window installation companies near me in Buffalo Grove for a referral list to check them out.
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White Eagle Window Replacement Buffalo Grove, IL - Testimonials

  • Derrick Barton
    Of the window replacement companies in Buffalo Grove, White Eagle Window Replacement was amazing with so much information that taught us a lot about windows. They are true professionals that understand great service. 
    Derrick Barton
    Buffalo Grove, IL
  • Arthur Casey
    We called White Eagle Window Replacement to help with several window problems. The window installer they sent was here fast and he did an excellent job with our window replacement in Buffalo Grove.
    Arthur Casey
    Buffalo Grove, IL
  • Anthony Cox
    White Eagle Window Replacement responded quickly with transparent information about a new window installation for our Buffalo Grove home. Our experience with them was terrific from beginning to end.
    Anthony Cox
    Buffalo Grove, IL
  • Cassandra Padilla
    We are thrilled with the quality of our new window replacement in Buffalo Grove from White Eagle Window Replacement. They provided clear and detailed information and their service was incredible, which is why they have our full recommendation.
    Cassandra Padilla
    Buffalo Grove, IL

White Eagle Window Replacement Buffalo Grove, IL - FAQ

Does replacing my windows reduce my heating bills?

Yes! Having window replacement near Buffalo Grove with new window technology has an energy-efficient design with thermal efficiency to keep the heat inside and cold outside. Those who are using old windows can lose up to fifty percent of heat energy. 

What factors influence the price of window replacement Buffalo Grove?

Window installation price will vary depending on the style, frame material, and glass package. Also, the size of your window, quality, and quantity will count. 

What are the considerations when choosing a window replacement company?

When choosing window companies near me Buffalo Grove, make sure to research and check if they are licensed, insured, and bonded. Check the reviews about their company and ask for an estimate. White Eagle Window Replacement nearby Buffalo Grove has an experienced and highly qualified team that can provide you top-notch window replacement and window installation. 

What are the tips to prepare my Home for window installation Buffalo Grove?

Move all the objects and furniture in front of the window and take down any wall decorations, curtains, blinds and disable the window security system if there is. 

Window Replacement Buffalo Grove, IL - How Are Windows Installed?

The window replacement company in Buffalo Grove will arrive at the agreed time to start the window installation procedure. To catch any debris that may fall during the window installation, they will first set up drop cloths around your house to prepare the area . After setting up the drop cloths, they will take out your old windows.

The new windows will be installed when the old ones have been completely removed, cleaned, and fully dried by the window installers in Buffalo Grove. After completing this stage, the installers will proceed with the insulation and sealing process, insulate the frame, and seal it. Finally, the last stage is cleaning.

After the windows installation near me in Buffalo Grove, the team will remove your old windows and eliminate any dust and debris in the installation area. Ensure that the clean-up is included in the agreement before committing to anything because this should be included in the services they offer.

What Popping Noises Mean? Do You Need Window Replacement Buffalo Grove, IL?

Do you hear popping sounds coming from your windows and not sure what they are? Don’t worry, your house is not haunted. This popping noise is actually quite a common problem seen by many window companies in Buffalo Grove. Finding the cause will need a proper inspection by a professional window installer. Your popping noises could be coming from the window cladding materials expanding and contracting. So during transitional seasons like fall and winter, you could have warmer daytime temperatures and colder nights that lead to that popping of your windows. To take care of these noises, consult with the right company for window replacement in Buffalo Grove. The experts at White Eagle Window Replacement can determine the cause of your popping sounds and know the steps to take for the best window installation in Buffalo Grove. Your annoying window popping disturbances can be silenced for good.

Signs That It's Time For Window Replacement Buffalo Grove, IL

Air Condensation
Condensation means your windows are leaking air, the air-tight seal has failed, and the insulating gas has escaped. 

Drafty Windows
Drafty windows mean that the air you are paying to cool is seeping out, and the hot air is making its way in. This will cause your HVAC system to work harder to keep your home comfortable. 

Hot Windows During Summer
You most likely have poor insulation. Our window installers Buffalo Grove can help you replace your windows to stop the hot air from coming in. 

Cold Windows
It could mean that your windows are damaged, or you need to replace them to improve the insulation. Make sure to hire our professionals for top-notch window installation. 

Windows Frames Broken Or Cracked
While a small crack might not be an urgent issue, fixing it before it spreads is essential. In addition, a damaged window will risk your family's security. Call White Eagle Window Replacement near Buffalo Grove for all your window services needs.

Windows Installation Buffalo Grove, IL - Why You Should Never DIY Installation

Substandard Quality of Workmanship: Window installation is not an easy job. Proper care must be taken to ensure the frame, insulation, and trim do not produce leaks, gaps, and rot that could make your window replacement in Buffalo Grove a very costly project.

Expensive Errors: Handling a new window installation in Buffalo Grove on your own could produce mistakes that are expensive to fix. A professional window installation is meant to last for years, but any minor mistake could significantly affect your comfort.

Residential Property Building Codes: A licensed and fully certified window installer in Buffalo Grove will know the building codes in the area and will be able to ensure any inspection passes. Only hire experts in window installation services, like White Eagle Window Replacement.

Maintaining Security: As an amateur with window replacement, you are taking on safety risks. Your window installation could leave your home susceptible to intruder break-ins or result in fire safety concerns in an emergency.