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White Eagle Window Replacement has been in the business since 1993. Our years of experience in the industry has given us the leverage to provide excellent, robust, and tasteful window replacement and windows installation in the whole Schaumburg suburb.

With the commitment to serve our customers with premium results, we continue to use high-quality materials, technology, and methods for all our services ranging from basement window replacement to window installation service to storm window replacement near me in Schaumburg. Our reputation as one of the most sought after window replacement companies in Schaumburg is made possible with our close partnership with brilliant architects, general contractors, developers, and management companies in the local area.

Trust in our expertise to provide you a safe, comfortable, and apt residential or commercial space. Take confidence in the fact that our windows installer can be accounted for precise, clean, and detailed work that meets both your budget and proposed timeframe. For your window concerns, choose White Eagle Window Replacement.

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White Eagle Window Replacement Schaumburg, IL - Why Choose Our Contractors


27 Years Of Experience

For our more than 27 years of experience in Schaumburg, White Eagle Window Replacement understands all the trade tips and the best solution in every window replacement and window installation process.

Skilled & Experienced Contractors

All of our windows installers in Schaumburg and contractors are experienced and highly-trained. With our service, you'll receive unequaled quality and personal service unmatched by anyone else.

Top-Quality Service

Our windows installers in Schaumburg will provide you with high-quality materials with top-notch window installation services. One of our goals is to provide knowledgeable and friendly assistance while ensuring that our customers are happy and satisfied with our services.

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FAQ - Window Replacement Schaumburg, IL

Why Does Window Replacement Help Cut Down Heating Bills

Overall thermal efficiency makes newer windows installation projects in Schaumburg keep heat in and cold temperature out. The older houses could have dafty windows and doors that lose up to 50 percent of energy. Today’s windows are more energy-efficient.

What Factors Affect Windows Replacement Cost?

Attributes that contribute or affect windows replacement cost are window style, glass package and frame material. Size of the window, as well the quantity and quality of the windows installation also play a part in the project’s overall cost.

What Characteristics Define Exceptional Window Companies?

Window companies near Schaumburg that offer superior windows installation services have dedicated professional windows installers. They also have a no-down payment agreement option to protect you from substandard products and questionable installation, as well as lifetime warranties for materials and labor. Allowing direct contact to the owner also shows that they are transparent and willing to talk things out.

What Preparations Can I Make For My Windows Installation?

White Eagle Window Replacement suggests removing any object or furniture in front of the window to ensure the team has enough space to work on the window replacement project. Also, it is recommended to take down curtains, blinds, wall decor or any widows security system that can hinder the installation.
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Window Replacement Schaumburg, IL - How Are Windows Installed?

The day of your window replacement nearby Schaumburg will arrive and that’s when a professional team will be there from our window installation service according to your schedule. The work area will first need to be prepared using drop cloths so that your home can be kept clean during the window installation process. At this point, your old windows will start to be removed.

The window installer will clean the window opening to be ready to take the new window replacements. When the new windows are in place, they will be insulated and the frames will be sealed.  

Our window installation near Schaumburg is not done until everything is cleaned up and we have disposed of all your old windows. The debris not held by the drop cloths will be cleaned to leave your home as it was when we arrived. Window companies in Schaumburg should clean up the mess that comes with a window installation, so discuss the entire process before you agree to the work.

Popping Noises and What Does It Mean - White Eagle Window Replacement Schaumburg, IL

We’ve all heard about things that go “bump in the night” but sometimes there are things in your home that go “pop” in the night.  Many times it’s nothing more than your old windows expanding and contracting.  This is typical in areas like Schaumburg where there are very cold nights followed by warm days. Though it is nothing to be afraid of, it is something to be concerned about. It probably means it’s time for window replacement in your home and when it comes to window replacement companies, nobody does it better than White Eagle Window Replacement Schaumburg.  There are obviously many window companies you could choose from but we are one of the few that specializes in window replacement, pulling out those old inefficient windows and replacing them with new energy-efficient windows.  Get rid of those annoying pops.  Grab your phone and call White Eagle Window Replacement Schaumburg today!

Signs That It’s Time For Your Window Replacement Schaumburg, IL


Condensation between two panes of window glass is a sign that your window seals have failed.


If you have drafty windows, you will feel air coming in even though your windows are closed. It will let the comfortable air escape and result in higher energy bills.

Hot to Touch in Warmer Weather

Windows should be able to withstand summer temperatures and control the amount of warm air entering your house without the interior pane being hot to touch. Hot to touch windows during summer means it's time for a replacement.

Cold to Touch in Colder Weather

Having extremely cold interior glass to touch during the winter means cold air enters the space between panes.

Cracked Window Frames

Window cracks can continue to grow and lead to worse problems.

Call our professional window installers in White Eagle Window Replacement for a top-notch window replacement near me in Schaumburg.

Window Replacement Schaumburg, IL - Myths

Myth #1: New Windows Differ from Window Replacement

You will find few differences between a new window installation and a window replacement in Schaumburg. The window installation process can, however, be slightly different when it comes to wood windows, as opposed to vinyl or aluminum style windows. That difference is reflected by whether a full-frame window replacement is made, or it’s a wood window insert.

Myth #2: Winter Window Replacement in Schaumburg is Not Possible

Just because winters can get extremely cold, it doesn’t mean window replacement companies in Schaumburg can’t provide the same quality window replacement service, despite what you might think is logical. The window installer can take the necessary steps to ensure your home remains protected from the frozen elements.

Myth #3: Windows Don’t Do Anything for Home Energy Efficiency

According to the experts, it’s estimated that up to 70 percent of a home’s energy loss is through the windows and doors, and of that, up to 90 percent is directly through the glass.

Myth #4: The Best Windows Are Wood

Wood was once the material of choice for windows, but today, vinyl windows are far superior in several ways. Vinyl constructed with unplasticized PVC (uPVC), creates replacement windows in Schaumburg that are water-resistant, safe, and durable. Plus, vinyl windows require much less maintenance than their wood counterparts.

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DIY Windows Installation Schaumburg, IL - Why You Should Never Do It

Lesser Quality Window Replacement: A window installation is not easy work. To avoid leaks, gaps, and rot, the frame, insulation, and trim must all be handled properly by the window installer. Otherwise, your window replacement near me in Schaumburg could turn into a more expensive project.

Costly Errors: Any first-time window replacement can lead to mistakes and further expenses down the road. A window installation in Schaumburg that’s done right can last for years, but even the smallest error could create discomfort.

Residential Building Codes: To ensure your property passes inspection, you need a fully licensed and certified window installer in Schaumburg to do it right. Guarantee the quality of your window installation by hiring experts like White Eagle Window Replacement.

Security Problems: Relying on amateur window installation in Schaumburg is risky and can affect the safety of your property. Poor window installation for your Schaumburg home can make it easier for intruders to break in, and you may be faced with an emergency exit you can’t use in the event of a fire.

Hiring The Best Windows Installer Schaumburg, IL - Checklist

As a window installation Schaumburg specialist, we have listed a guideline to help you hire the right window installer for your project.

1You first need to choose three different window companies and ask them about their prices, services, and experience. Do not settle on the lowest price; compare their offered services.
2Ensure the company you choose is licensed, bonded, and has insurance documents and bonding certifications. 
3Check out some of their project sites to see how they work. You can also do this by asking their previous clients.
4Call your homeowner’s insurance to see if you need to prepare other things or anything you should be concerned about before the work begins.
5Before signing any contract, ensure you read and understand all the things written there. 
6Talk with your potential window installer regarding your interior and exterior home access. Ask about their cleanup process, weather policies, and other situations and incidents that can affect your project. 
White Eagle Windows Installation near Schaumburg can provide you with top-notch window installation. Call us to know more about our services.