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Nothing beats experience when it comes to providing quality services in the business. At White Eagle Window Replacement, we prove this philosophy true by focusing on the most important aspect of our business - our clients.

In providing our window replacement and window installation near me in Highland Park, we leave nothing to chance and strive on producing premium results by incorporating the highest level of technology attainable. As a family-owned and operated business since 1993, we focus on improving our products and services to cater to our clients with the highest quality. Whichever kind of replacement service you need for your property, we are here to deliver.

For specific services, we provide basement window replacement and storm window replacement near me in Highland Park to better protect structures against extreme weather conditions in the suburbs. We also provide windows installation for fresh properties in need of our services. In looking for reputable window companies in Highland Park, consider hiring White Eagle Window Replacement.

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27 Years Of Experience

For over 27 years in the window replacement industry, White Eagle Window Replacement learned all the tricks and tips of having successful window installation and window replacement in Highland Park.

Skilled & Experienced Contractors

Our windows installers in Highland Park are qualified and experienced. White Eagle Window Replacement ensures valuable skill and experience is taken into every job.

Top-Quality Service

Whether you need basement window replacement or other window installation services in Highland Park, our window installers make sure to exceed our customers' expectations with knowledgeable and friendly assistance that will bring comfort, elegance, and value to your home.

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  • Rudy Allen
    The window installation service in Highland Park that we got from White Eagle Window Replacement was fantastic. Their patience and attention to detail while advising us about window solutions really displayed their professionalism.  
    Rudy Allen
    Highland Park, IL
  • Isaac Hill
    We reached out to White Eagle Window Replacement about some old windows that were in rough shape. They had a window installer here in no time and before we knew it, our window replacement in Highland Park was done.  
    Isaac Hill
    Highland Park, IL
  • Dale Alvarez
    White Eagle Window Replacement replied to inquiries with speed and plenty of information to consider what I needed from my window installation in Highland Park. It was excellent service and I would definitely use their expertise again.  
    Dale Alvarez
    Highland Park, IL
  • Casey Romero
    I am very pleased with the level of workmanship from White Eagle Window Replacement on our window replacement in Highland Park. They were so informative and helpful to provide the right windows for my home. They are easy to recommend.
    Casey Romero
    Highland Park, IL

FAQ - Window Replacement Highland Park, IL

Can I lower my energy bills with window replacement? 

You certainly can! New energy-efficient windows are specially designed to enhance general thermal efficiency so you can eliminate heat loss. On average, a home that has not had window replacement near me in Highland Park can allow as much as 50 percent of its energy usage to leak out of drafty windows and doors.

How is the cost of a window replacement service in Highland Park arrived at?

Several factors affect the cost of a window replacement in Highland Park, including the style of window, glass package, and the material of the frame. We also have to consider the size of the windows, quantity, and window quality you select.

What’s the best way to choose window companies?

There are many window companies near me in Highland Park, so look for window installers that are dedicated to their craft. Choose professionals that offer a no-money-down guarantee to ensure a quality product and installation, access to the owner, as well as a lifetime warranty on material and labor.

Is there anything I need to prepare in my home for a window installation?

Make sure all items and furniture near your windows are placed out of the way of the working areas for the window installer. Also, remove any wall decorations near the windows, as well as window coverings. Finally, to ensure an easy window replacement nearby Highland Park, disable your security system on each window.

Windows Installation Explained
White Eagle Windows Remodeling Highland Park, IL

Even if the window material is of the best quality, the result will rely on the window installation. White Eagle Window Replacement Highland Park is one of the window companies that have the knowledge to guarantee that your new windows will provide entire protection and functionality.

On the day of the window installation service, we’ll come with the essential tools and equipment in a timely way. We’ll ensure that your house is construction-safe by carefully removing valuables from the job site and installing drop cloths around the work area. We’ll remove the old windows, clean the area, install the new windows, and fill the gaps with our unique window insulation foam to prevent drafts. We clean as we go, polish the window glass, and return all furnishings from the previous job site. Our windows installers will check your satisfaction with the functioning of your new windows. Call us if you want window installation or basement window replacement nearby Highland Park.

What Causes Popping Noises? White Eagle Window Replacement Highland Park, IL

You might have wondered why your windows make popping sounds from time to time. Don’t worry, your house is not haunted. This is a common occurrence but window companies near Highland Park will need to perform a thorough investigation so that the window installer can fix the root cause of the issue. Popping sounds can stem from materials in your window cladding expanding and contracting. As we tend to get wide temperature swings from overnight lows to morning highs, you may hear those pops.

Choosing the right window companies near me in Highland Park, like White Eagle Window Replacement, can help you eliminate those frustrating popping sounds. You’ll get the proper window installation and the best windows for your area, both of which can take care of any window popping you might have heard before so you can enjoy your windows in peaceful silence.

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What To Consider When Choosing Company For Window Replacement Highland Park, IL

Judge Product Quality

High-quality window replacement in Highland Park can last 30 years or more, while lower-quality windows can only last five to ten years or less. The materials that are used by window companies is the main difference.

Certifications and Endorsements

It is important to determine if a window installation company in Highland Park has engineering certifications and endorsements. Each component was independently tested to meet high-quality industry.

Browse the Selection

Window companies in Highland Park offer five types of window replacement you can consider, which are aluminum, composite, fiberglass, wood, and vinyl.

Customer Service is Number One

A seamless window installation in Highland Park begins with comprehensive planning. The best company will be with the buyer throughout the entire process of choosing their windows.

References & Referrals

The best indicator of a window replacement company in Highland Park is repeated business and referrals. Ensure to ask for both so that you can check them out.
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