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White Eagle Window Replacement has been providing excellent window replacement and windows installation services since 1992. We are a family-owned business, and we are accustomed to meeting new challenges and technologies. Whether you need a basement window replacement, or other window replacement, our windows installers in Skokie are highly-trained and skilled to give you quality windows that can withstand time. What made us special among other window replacement companies in Skokie is that we have reputable, knowledgeable, and professional contractors that will protect your home with beautiful and high-quality windows that will match beautifully with strength and technology timelessness. We work closely with general contractors, developers, architects, and management companies to find our clients' best solutions. Aside from window installation, we also offer roofing, siding, and gutter doors services. When looking for a home window replacement company, choose White Eagle Window Replacement. We can create and install quality custom windows at an affordable price.

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27 Years Of Experience

With over 27 years of experience as a window replacement company, White Eagle Window Replacement has established a reputation for excellent window replacement and window installation in Skokie. We have experience working on a wide range of properties in Skokie, from tiny houses to prestigious buildings.

Skilled & Experienced Contractors

At White Eagle Window Replacement in Skokie, we pride ourselves on our clean-cut, experienced, and competent windows installers. All of our workers and our windows installation methods are the best in the industry.

Top-Quality Service

Working with White Eagle Window Replacement in Skokie, you are assured of an enjoyable, professional experience and top-quality service from start to finish.

Tips To Choosing the Best Window Replacement Company in Skokie

If you are looking for a window replacement and window installation company in the Skokie area, make sure that they offer an excellent range of replacement windows. Windows should be high quality, with different sizes, designs, shapes, and materials.

Finding the right window replacement company that you can trust is crucial. Conducting thorough background research is the best way to know that you have chosen the right company for your needs. Inquire on the company's registration documentation and ensure they are certified, licensed, and insured. Review customer reviews in-depth and check for any clues.

If you want a durable and long-lasting window, you need to be ready to pay more. Window replacement or basement window replacement is a substantial investment, so you need to get the value for your money.

We understand that having window replacement is a huge investment, so White Eagle Window Replacement is the best choice for you!

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Window Replacement Skokie, IL - FAQ

Can Window Replacement Save Me Money On Heating Bills?

With today’s technology focusing on energy-efficiency, newer types of windows installation in Skokie are designed to better keep heat in and expel the cold. Old, drafty windows and doors can make a home lose up to 50 percent of heat energy.

What Factors Can Affect The Cost Of Window Replacement?

The factors that can affect windows replacement costs the most are the style of the windows, glass package and the material of the frame, as well as the size, quantity and quality of windows that you decide the windows installer to fit.

What Are The Things I Should Consider When Selecting Windows Replacement Companies?

A good company that offers quality windows installation service would have a solid team of skilled professional windows installers. Also look for a no-down payment guarantee to save you the hassle of dealing with substandard installations. A company that allows direct contact with the owner is also advisable, and lifetime warranties for materials and labor.

How Can I Prepare For My Home’s Windows Installation?

White Eagle Window Replacement recommends you to move all furniture and objects away from the windows to give the windows installer room to work. Disable any security alarms connected to the windows and take down any wall decor close to it, along with the curtains and  blinds.
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Window Installation Skokie, IL - What Do Popping Noises Mean?

If you ever hear popping noises coming from your windows, there's no need to worry. Unfortunately, the popping noises that come with your windows are a common problem, and there are a few reasons why this may be happening.

To fix the problem, it is vital to know the root cause. Generally speaking, the popping noises coming from your windows is the result of expanding and contracting materials that are caused by your window cladding. However, when living in an area with cooler overnight temperatures and harsh morning sun, you may know what we are talking about.

Finding the right window companies in the Skokie area is essential to ensure your windows are at their best. We have professional window installers that can get the job done right the first time. So what are you waiting for? Give White Eagle Window Replacement a call today. Our window installation service will be here for you!

How Exactly Windows Are Installed - White Eagle Window Replacement Skokie, IL

When it’s time to do a window replacement in your home, the team that does the windows installation should be your first real concern. White Eagle Replacement Skokie tops the list of window companies because of how we do the job.  

Our windows installer will arrive on time, fully equipped and prepared to do a highly efficient job with your window replacement.We’ll prepare your home for the windows installation, cover all furniture, keep the work area neat and clutter-free. The windows installation will be done and windows sealed with special foam insulation. When the job is complete the windows installer will remove all waste, including your old windows, put a final polish on the glass and replace all your furnishings. The work area will be left cleaned and secure. The only thing that we’ll leave behind is the smile of our satisfied customers! Give White Eagle Replacement Skokie a call today!

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  • Mary Campbell
    I needed basement window replacement in Skokie and White Eagle Window Replacement did a great job.
    Mary Campbell
    Skokie, IL
  • Amanda Harris
    We were very happy to get our basement window replacement done on our Skokie home after some kids accidentally broke it with a soccer ball. It must have already been pretty weak, or they hit it square on, but one touch and it practically imploded. Glad to have that fixed.
    Amanda Harris
    Skokie, IL
  • Mark Davis
    For the best windows installation company in Skokie, if you need anything in the field of window replacement, give them a call. You will not be disappointed.
    Mark Davis
    Skokie, IL
  • Thomas Anderson
    Of all the windows installers in Skokie, these guys are by far the best I have ever worked with. As an independent contractor, I sometimes get behind and have to rely on subcontracted work. Anytime I need windows, I don’t even bother doing the installs myself. I call White Eagle Window Replacement.
    Thomas Anderson
    Skokie, IL

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