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White Eagle Remodeling has extensive experience with providing thoughtful solutions to countless customers seeking the services of professional roofing, siding, gutters, doors, and window replacement & installation companies in Park Ridge & surrounding areas.

Having been in operation as a family-owned and operated business since 1993, we are accustomed to meeting new challenges and technologies to ensure our work is handled appropriately for all our customers. We always work closely with architects, general contractors, developers, and management companies to make sure our clients get the best solutions.

Our company provides a wide range of services on top of expert window replacement in Park Ridge, which includes outstanding siding and roofing expertise.

Trust in the experience that our team can provide for roofing, siding, and window installation services in Park Ridge and rest assured that you have the best top-quality, efficient, and low-cost window installer working for you. Make White Eagle Remodeling your choice for all home remodeling needs.

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Why White Eagle Remodeling Is The Best Choice
For Roofing, Siding, Doors & Windows Installation


27 Years Of Experience

White Eagle Remodeling is the leader among window replacement companies in Park Ridge as we have been serving customers in the region for over 27 years.

Skilled & Experienced Contractors

All our years of experience have allowed our contractors to master their skills. This way, we can provide you with a window installer in Park Ridge that can handle any situation with the right solutions.

Top-Quality Service

Your window replacement and windows installation in Park Ridge comes with more than just tremendous experience. We make sure the service we offer exceeds customer expectations with friendly and knowledgeable assistance.

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What Clients Say About
Our Roofing, Siding, Doors & Windows Installation Services

  • David Privett
    This window installer in Park Ridge was fantastic. The service was fast, I got to learn so much about the right windows, and the work was handled with care for my home. 
    David Privett
    Park Ridge, IL
  • Paul Roling
    For a few windows in our home that had problems, we called White Eagle Remodeling. They sent a contractor over right away and he did an excellent job on our window replacement in Park Ridge.
    Paul Roling
    Park Ridge, IL
  • Mary Armstrong
    White Eagle Remodeling was fast to respond and very informative about the new windows we could use in our home. It was a great experience from start to finish for our window installation in Park Ridge.
    Mary Armstrong
    Park Ridge, IL
  • Pearl Cooper
    We were very happy with our new window replacement in Park Ridge by White Eagle Remodeling. The information they were able to provide and the service were both outstanding. They deserve our recommendation.
    Pearl Cooper
    Park Ridge, IL

FAQ Window Replacement Park Ridge, IL

Is window replacement Park Ridge, going to cut down my heating bills? 

Absolutely!  Older windows lack insulation and in cold weather will be drafty and inefficient.  A window replacement by White Eagle Window Replacement of Park Ridge can keep a lot of your cash from going OUT your windows and IN your pocket.

What parts of window replacement in Park Ridge affect the cost?

Several things that will affect the cost of windows installed in your home.  The number of windows installations you request.  Other factors are window sizes, frame material such as fiberglass, wood or metal.  One factor that is often overlooked is a basement window replacement which can be more time-consuming.

How should I look for the best window replacement company?

When choosing the very best windows replacement company, do a little research.  Fortunately, the internet provides us a way to check costs, warranties on material and labor.  Check reviews on Google and choose White Eagle Window Replacement.  

Any specific things I should do before the window installation in Park Ridge?

Clearing the work area of furnishings, curtains, blinds will give our Park Ridge windows installer access to all windows being replaced and the space needed to do the job quickly and efficiently.

Tips To Choosing the Best Company For a Window Replacement Park Ridge, IL

Choosing the best window replacement company can be overwhelming. Window replacement and window installation in Park Ridge is a substantial investment. Beware of bargains and look beyond the price tag and consider the window's cost throughout its lifetime. Compare options for window styles, frame colors, shapes, glass type, and hardware, and make sure that the company offers a wide range of windows and can customize to your taste. Make sure that you select a company that provides customer services and is communicable from start to finish.

No matter how beautiful your chosen window is, the best way to have it is to get a reliable and trustworthy window installation company. Check for product accreditation and certification, registration documentation, and reviews online. White Eagle Window Replacement in Park Ridge has experienced and highly-trained window installers that can install your window right at the first time. We are insured, licensed, and certified, ensuring the quality and protection of your home for many years


How Are Windows Installed? - Window Replacement Park Ridge, IL


When the day of your window replacement in Park Ridge comes, an experienced team will arrive from our window installation service on schedule. The work area will be prepared with drop cloths throughout your home to keep the window installation clean. Then your old windows can be removed.

The window installer will ensure the openings are clean and ready to hold the new window replacements. With the new windows in place, it is ready for insulation and the frame can be sealed. 

Our window installation service in Park Ridge is not complete until we have cleaned up and disposed of your old windows. We remove any debris not captured by the drop cloths, giving you a clean home. Window companies in Park Ridge should be responsible for the cleanup process, so make sure you are clear about this part of the process before the work begins.

When It’s Time For Window Replacement Park Ridge, IL

Moist Windows
Moisture between the glass panes is a definite indicator that the window seals are no longer effective, which is a difficult problem to resolve. We strongly advise a window replacement when you find droplets of water or moisture between the window panes.

Drafty Windows
Your old windows installation might no longer be airtight and allow the cool air from your house to get out. It may be really frustrating to have drafty windows because they not only reduce the comfort of your house but also cost you money.

Hot to the Touch Windows
When you touch your glass window, it should be warm and not hot. If windows are hot to the touch, that's a sign of inefficient windows installation. It is best to call for a window replacement company in Park Ridge to have your windows replaced.

Cold to the Touch Windows
In the same way, your windows should not be too cold to touch during cold weather. This could mean that the windows have cracks, failed seals, and poor insulation. You’ll need to contact your trusted windows installer for your window replacement.

Broken Windows
You might think that small cracks in your windows do not require immediate attention. On the contrary, you must call a professional windows installer.

Myths About Window Replacement Park Ridge, IL

Myth #1: Replacing Is Different From New Window Installation Park Ridge
There's only a slight difference in window installation and window replacement Park Ridge. However, the process is pretty much the same. The only difference is that installation would depend on whether you will have a full-frame replacement or just a simple insert replacement.

Myth #2:Windows Replacement Is Only Possible During Summer Season
No matter the season, summer, fall, winter, or spring, it is always a good idea to have a window replacement when you feel like your home is inefficient enough. Some homeowners may think that they would need to leave their homes for the process or live with open walls for weeks. However, it is not far from the truth. Trust our window installers to provide you with an efficient and quality service.

Myth #3: Your Home's Energy Efficiency Won't Be Changed My Window Replacement Park Ridge
Drafty windows can rack up your energy bills. Making sure that you have a replacement done by professional window installers can have a significant effect on your energy bills.

Myth #4: The Best Window Are Wooden
Now, wood windows can be aesthetic, and other materialslike vinyl windows are superior to wood. Vinyl is designed to be durable and water-resistant, as well as easy to maintain. Give our White Eagle Window Replacement Park Ridge a call today!

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Why You Should Never DIY Window Replacement Park Ridge, IL

Low-Quality Work: Examples of low-quality window installation in Park Ridge include unaligned window frames, leaks and gaps, and inadequate installation, which you should avoid. Expert works are easily distinguished from amateur outputs, and doing it for the first time results in poor quality.

Costly Repairs: DIY window installation in Park Ridge can be more costly than hiring expert installers in the long run. Amateurs do not possess the knowledge necessary for high-quality window installation and may require experts to redo your work to mend the mistakes.

No Access to Residential Properties With Building Codes: Park Ridge is an expert window installation company that will encounter no problem accessing residences with building codes, unlike unlicensed installers. Of course, it ensures that proper window replacements in Park Ridge are done.

Major Security Problems: Improper window installation can jeopardize your property’s safety. If experts do not install windows, thefts or anyone can easily enter your home. You might also have issues during emergencies.