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White Eagle Window Replacement leads window replacement companies in Arlington Heights with extensive experience in roofing siding, gutters, doors, and window installation.
We are different because we are family-owned and operated, offering the most trusted window installation service in Arlington Heights since 1993. In all our years, we have adapted to new technologies to meet today’s challenges and bring you the quality window replacement in Arlington Heights that you expect from such professionals. Working closely with architects, general contractors, developers, and management companies, our team provides the best solutions for your customers. At White Eagle Window Replacement near me in Arlington Heights, we offer a wide range of services to go along with our exceptional window replacement and windows installation.
Count on our experience for more than just your window installation near me in Arlington Heights. White Eagle Window Replacement is all about top-quality, efficiency, and the highest-rated windows at the fair price. So choose White Eagle Window Replacement for your home.

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White Eagle Window Replacement Arlington Heights, IL - Reasons To Choose Us


27 Years Of Experience

Trust in White Eagle Window Replacement as the very best of the window replacement companies near me in Arlington Heights. For over 27 years, we have been there for the region.

Professionally Skilled Window Installation

Our team of window installers in Arlington Heights has the finest skills required to provide top window installation with the adaptability to find solutions to any situation.

Top-Quality Service

Any of our window repair and windows installation in Arlington Heights comes with thoughtful customer service. You can feel good about our window replacement service that will far exceed your expectations with friendly and reliable expertise.

Our Window Replacement & Window Installation Arlington Heights, IL Process

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White Eagle Window Replacement Arlington Heights - Testimonials

  • Lilly Faulk

    Our window replacement in Arlington Heights went well. White Eagle Window Replacement has efficient, ensured, and thorough, safe window installation for everyone. We’re happy with the result and quality of their work.

    Lilly Faulk
    Arlington Heights, IL
  • Ernest Clark

    They were not the cheapest among the window companies I’ve got estimates with. But when I saw their work in my neighbor’s house, I knew that they’re worth it. The window installers were professional and quick. They even helped me with the design. I highly recommend them!

    Ernest Clark
    Arlington Heights, IL
  • Robert P. Morgan

    I am satisfied with my window installation in Arlington Heights, and I will be contacting the White Eagle Window Replacement company again for my basement window replacement project next month.

    Robert P. Morgan
    Arlington Heights, IL
  • Chester Cameron

    White Eagle Window Replacement did an outstanding job installing 12 windows in our entire home in Arlington Heights. They were patient in answering all of my questions, and I appreciate how smooth the whole process was. 

    Chester Cameron
    Arlington Heights, IL

FAQ - Window Replacement Arlington Heights, IL

If I do window replacement in Arlington Heights, will it cut down my heating bills?

Yes! Most windows today are made to be energy-efficient, keeping the heat in and the cold out. We are one of the window replacement companies near me in Arlington Heights that will provide you with the best window for your home!

What parts of window replacement in Arlington Heights affect the cost?

Some parts that may influence your window replacement cost in Arlington Heights are window style, glass package, frame materials, size, quantity, and quality.

How can I choose the best window replacement company?

A team of professional window installers, no-money-down guarantee, direct contact with the owner, lifetime material, and labor warranties is what you need to look for to find the best window replacement company in Arlington Heights.

Anything I should do before the window installation in Arlington Heights?

Any objects, furniture, curtains, blinds, and disabling any window security is the best way to get ready for your window installation in Arlington Heights. This will give our window installers an open area to work for your window replacement or installation.
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Choosing the Best Window Replacement Company Arlington Heights, IL

When selecting from a list of window replacement companies nearby Arlington Heights, note the variety of services they offer. Determine if their specialties fall under the service category you need. Inquire with them to know if they are properly accredited, licensed, and insured with their business.

With legal certifications in place, look into their contractors’ work ethic next. You want to work with a windows installer that understands your vision and has the ability to work well under any circumstance and handle hiccups during the project professionally.

Raves about their work should align with their service and products. Get in-depth information about their work through personal feedback and reviews from past clients they have worked for. Always consult regarding service rates to make sure that you will get the right quality you are about to pay for. Consider White Eagle Window Replacement in Arlington Heights for your next windows installation or basement window replacement project.

How Windows Are Installed? - White Eagle Window Replacement Arlington Heights, IL

Even if you have the highest quality window material, the outcome will depend on the window installer. White Eagle Window Replacement in Arlington Heights has the expertise to ensure that your new units will deliver total protection and performance. 

On the day of window installation, we will arrive in an efficient and timely manner with the necessary tools and equipment. We’ll prepare your area by ensuring that your home is construction-proof by removing valuables carefully from the worksite and placing drop cloths around the working area. We’ll remove the old windows, clean the site, out the new window, and fill the gaps with our special insulation foam to keep it window draft-free. We clean as we go, shine the glass of your window, and return all the furniture from the previous worksite. Our team will confirm if you’re satisfied with your new windows operation. Call us if you need window replacement or window installation services in Arlington Heights.

What Popping Noises Mean - White Eagle Window Replacement Arlington Heights, IL

Ever wondered where those popping noises from your windows come from? It’s no poltergeist or supernatural being from Arlington Heights. Windows make that popping sound sometimes and it’s a common problem. Fixing it, however, will need a little more investigation with the help of your windows installer since you have to find the root cause of the problem. Popping noises can be attributed to the expanding and contracting of materials caused by your window cladding. Those living in areas with chilly overnight temperature and a blistering morning sun will know what this is all about. Your best chance at eliminating those annoying popping noises lie in finding the right windows replacement companies, like White Eagle Window Replacement. They will know the important steps in handling proper window replacement, like knowing the right type of window for your area, so those pesky popping sound issues can finally be put to rest.

Those Signs Means That's Its Time For Window Replacement Arlington Heights, IL

Condensation In The Air
Condensation because of the failing seal allows moisture to leak in, once this happens it can lead to bigger issues. 

Windows Are Drafty
When your window is drafty, it can let the comfortable air escape and cause high energy bills. Don’t let this problem stand for too long. Hire us for window replacement Arlington Heights and get rid of drafty windows.

Windows Are Hot
You are most likely to have poor insulation. We recommend replacing your window with modern and well insulated to prevent the hot air from coming to your home. 

Windows Are Cold
If your window is cold to touch, it could mean that your insulation is poor or you have a damaged window. Make sure to replace them with windows with modern glazing technologies. 

Windows Frames Are Cracked Or Broken
Damaged windows can cause additional issues and can put your family’s safety at risk. Call White Eagle Window Replacement Arlington Heights for window replacement.

Window Replacement Arlington Heights, IL Myths

Myth #1: Replacing your Window is different from New Window installation Arlington Heights
While there are slight differences when replacing a window and a new window installation in Arlington Heights, the process and effect are pretty much the same. The window installation procedure will depend on whether there is a full-frame replacement or just an insert replacement.

Myth #2: You Can Only Replace Windows During Summer Season
Whether summer, fall, winter, or spring, it is always a good idea to have window replacement in Arlington Heights when needed. Some people think window replacement will require them to move out of the house or live with open walls for weeks. But this is not far from the truth. White Eagle Windows Installation’s window installers in Arlington Heights can handle window installation or window replacement install windows in a matter of hours.

Myth #3: Window Replacement Arlington Heights Won’t Change Your Home’s Energy Efficiency
Drafty windows are the main cause of high air conditioning and heating bills. Having a window replacement that professionals properly install can have a major effect on your energy bills.

Myth #4: The Best Window available is wood
While the wood window is a good option for the aesthetic, other materials such as vinyl windows are superior to wood. Vinyl is made with unplasticized PVC (uPVC) that is designed to be durable and water-resistant. In addition, it is easy to maintain.

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Reasons Why You Should Never DIY Windows Installation Arlington Heights, IL

Poor quality of work:
There are many things to consider if window installation in Arlington Heights is successful. A well-fitting frame, trim, and insulation will ensure you do not have gaps and air leaks around your windows. Allowing air to escape also allows water to penetrate and cause damage.

Costly mistakes:
New windows can be a costly investment, and windows installation Arlington Heights inexperience can lead to damaged windows and unsatisfactory results impacting your day-to-day comfort. White Eagle Window Replacement in Arlington Heights has the know-how to install all kinds of windows perfectly.

Building codes:
Residential properties in Arlington Heights are required to pass building codes. A licensed window installer from White Eagle Window Replacement can do windows installation Arlington Heights that pass local building codes.

Security Issues:
Inexperienced work can compromise the safety of your home, allowing intruders easy access. A professional window installer in Arlington Heights can avoid this problem.

Checklist: How to Hire
Trustworthy Windows Installer Arlington Heights, IL

As experts in windows installation, we have put together this list that can help you choose the best window installer in Arlington Heights for your project.

1Get estimates in writing from at least three different windows installation companies in Arlington Heights. If you find price variations, ask why and don’t just settle for the lowest price.
2Ask to see professional licenses, insurance documents, and bonding certifications. 
3Check out the current job sites of window installers in Arlington Heights that you are interested in so you can see their safety practices and how they respect a property.
4Contact your homeowner’s insurance company to find out if you should be concerned about anything when the work begins.
5Read and understand all the terms and conditions of a contract before signing with any windows installation service in Arlington Heights.
6Review interior and exterior home access with your potential window installers. Learn about their cleanup processes and bad weather policies, along with any other situations that could influence performance. As well, ensure your window installer and all their subcontractors are fully bonded. 
We at White Eagle Windows Installation Arlington Heights offer the best window installation services. Call us to learn more about our services.

How to Prepare Your House for the Windows Installation Arlington Heights, IL


Remove Obstacles For The Window Installers

As soon as possible, clear the area around the windows so that the windows installers Arlington Heights may reach them. This includes any furniture, vegetation, area rugs, or other objects placed in the workspace next to windows or on walkways leading to windows. Additionally, you'll need to clear your home's outside of everything.

Take Down Wall Decorations & Window Treatments

You should clean the inside floor and take down any window coverings, such as blinds, sheers, and curtains. You should also at the very least take down any wall decorations that are close to the windows installation. The best course of action may be to take down any wall decoration in the space, which reduces the likelihood that harm may result from wall vibrations.

Determine What Needs to Be Covered

The window installer Arlington Heights will likely lay down drop cloths and try to make as little mess as possible. Ask if necessary if you don't see any covers for protection. Particularly if your windows have been in place for a while, the window replacement procedure may be messy.

Reasons For A Window Replacement Arlington Heights, IL


When you have high-quality window installation Arlington Heights, you can ensure that your energy bills will reduce significantly. Good insulation will have less temperature exchange with the exterior, which will help your HVAC system to work less.


White Eagle Windows Replacement will install windows that maintain a consistent temperature inside your home. There is no need for you to adjust your AC every time.


Professional window replacement companies will increase the family's safety and peace of mind. If you have old windows that won't lock and are easy to open, there is a huge security risk for the members of your household. 

The Outside Noise

Our window installation Arlington Heights service will help you get some relief from the busy neighborhood. It can stand against sounds coming from outside that can interrupt your sleep or daily activities.