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White Eagle Roofing Company near Wheeling is the one that you can count on when it comes to your roofing installation and roofing replacement needs. We make sure to provide a smooth experience to our customers by seeking professional roofing services.

We are one of the roofing companies in the Wheeling area that has been providing outstanding roofing services for years. With years of experience, we have gained the proper knowledge and skills to offer our customers roofing that will last for years and looks beautiful at the same time. We always work closely with architects, general contractors, developers, and management companies to ensure our clients get the best solutions.

Trust in our roofing contractors near me in Wheeling to provide you with the roofing installation that your commercial and residential properties deserve. We provide the highest quality of work at an affordable price that will not burn a hole in your wallet.

Our Roofing Services - Roof Installation & Roof Replacement Wheeling, IL


Why Choose Our Roofing Company Wheeling, IL


27 Years of Experience

White Eagle Roofing Company has completed enough roofs for over 27 years in Wheeling that we can’t help but know the actual value of excellence.

Skilled & Experienced Contractors

Our roofing contractors nearby Wheeling are committed to providing excellent roofing services within your budget and on time. All of our roofing contractors and staff are highly trained and experienced to handle any situation that you have.

Top-Quality Service

You can trust our roofing company near me in Wheeling to get the job done and surpass your expectation whether you need roof installation or roof replacement. We have an excellent reputation for providing the best roofing services.

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Signs It’s Time to Call Roofing Company Wheeling, IL

Curled or Buckling Shingles: A sure sign of an aging roof is finding curled or buckled shingles. Buckling can arise due to moisture in the attic space below pushing the roofing nails up out of the roof’s decking, requiring a roofing company in Wheeling to take care of it.

Tar Streaking or Algae Growth: Tar Streaking and Algae growth are the results of bacteria eating away at the weatherproofing that the shingles provide, often leading to a roof replacement in Wheeling.  

Missing Granules: When your shingles are missing granules, their weatherproofing abilities are diminished. You may find a buildup of granules in your gutters, and if you do, contact White Eagle Roofing Company in Wheeling.

Moisture and Mold: Improper attic venting can trap warm moist air, which can create condensation under your roof. That can rust out the roofing nails and create an environment for mold growth and the need for roofing contractors near me in Wheeling.

Missing Shingles: When shingles go missing, water has an easy path into your home. A new roof installation in Wheeling can fix that.

Leaky Chimney: Flashing protects your home from water penetration, and often, when you have a water leak, it is a result of flashing that is no longer performing against your roof and your chimney. That’s when roofing companies in Wheeling come in.

Process Of Roof Installation Wheeling, IL

Home Protection

We aim to ensure that the windows, siding, landscaping, and other features of your home are protected. It's best to move any potted plants inside, move any lawn furniture, and park your car in the street during any roofing projects Wheeling.

Removing Old Roof

Our roofing contractors will remove any old shingles so we can inspect the wood decking beneath them.

Decking Inspection

We'll need to ensure the wood decking is sturdy and in good shape for your roof installation.

Preparing For Your New Roof

Our roofing contractors Wheeling will install drip edges to prevent rain from getting into the roofing materials when your decking is good to go.

Installing New Materials

The next step of the roofing project is you'll get to see your new roof take shape - this is when we install your new roofing materials.

Cleaning Up

Our roofing company near me in Wheeling will collate any mess left behind. We'll remove your old roofing materials and clear the area of nails and other debris - the natural byproducts of a new roof installation.

Why You Should Hire Licensed Roofing Contractors Wheeling, IL

Roofing is a hazardous job, so you want to be sure about the roofing contractors you hire. Your roofing company in Wheeling should be reputable and should use all the necessary equipment for the safety of everyone on the site. Here are a few reasons why you should contact licensed professional roofing contractors in Wheeling:

Licensed Roofing Contractors Have Expertise

Getting licensed by many state licensing boards requires that roofing contractors pass certain tests to prove their industry knowledge. A roofing company in Wheeling will have a clear understanding of the best roof installation practices, as well as the local permit requirements and regulations.

Licensed Roofing Companies Are Insured

A reputable roofers near me in Wheeling will hold the proper insurance to be licensed. This protects a homeowner from liability if the property is damaged or anyone becomes injured during the project.

Licensed Roofing Contractors Warranty

Licensed roofing companies in Wheeling guarantee their work. Plus, as they are part of your local business community, they have a stake in their own reputation.

Benefits Of A New Roof Installation Wheeling, IL

Modern Technology

According to roofing companies like White Eagle Roofing Company Wheeling, even if you desire roughly the same kind of roof, the technology for producing the tiles or shingles and correctly putting them into the roof design has vastly improved. A new roof provides all of the economic, environmental, and protective advantages of a contemporary home roof.

Energy Conservation

As you may expect from the first point, new asphalt composite shingles are much cooler than they look on the surface. Recent advancements have enabled manufacturers to build shingles that reflect rather than absorb the sun's beams.

Visual Attraction

Your old roof installation might be drooping, discolored, dusty, or displaying indications of deterioration that are difficult to spot from a distance but add up to an older-looking property. A new roof, correctly shaped and colored, improves the curb appeal of any property, whether you're selling it or not.


How long has your roof been covered under warranty? Most homeowners are unaware since the guarantee had expired by the time they purchased the house. For a certain amount of time, the guarantee will cover specific types of repairs and maybe even labor and roof replacement Wheeling.

Important Factors To Take Into Consideration While Selecting A Roofing Material

Housing Design

The architectural style of your property will influence some of your roofing material choices. For instance, whereas tiles are better suited for older-type houses, asphalt shingles are adaptable and go with practically any architectural style.

Briefing For Roofing

When choosing your roofing material, consider whether it will be put on a brand-new building, as a roof replacement Wheeling, or as an addition to an existing structure.


What will it take to keep your roof maintained? How does routine maintenance appear? How often will you need the services of roofing contractors? When selecting a roofing material, keep all these care considerations in mind.


The structural stability of the roof may be impacted by the weight of the materials on the roof. Instead, use materials that enhance rather than stress your building's structural stability.


You must choose the material for roof installation Wheeling that best achieves your objectives since different roofing materials have various lifespans.