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Suppose you are looking for a trustworthy roofing company nearby Northbrook. White Eagle Roofing Company is the one that has your back. We ensure to provide the highest quality of work to our customers in every project that we accept.

Our family-owned company has been in business since 1993. From roofing installation to roofing replacement, our roofing contractors near Northbrook can do it all. We only use the highest quality of materials to make sure that your roof will not only look good but will last for years and can withstand any weather conditions. We always work closely with architects, general contractors, developers, and management companies to make sure our clients get the best solutions.

When looking for roofing companies in the Northbrook area, choose our roofing contractors. Rest assured that you will get the highest quality of work at an affordable price that will not break the bank.

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27 Years Of Experience

White Eagle Roofing Company has been serving Northbrook for over 27 years. We have seen poorly installed roofs, corner-cutting, and fixed bad jobs. That is why we can handle everything about your roofing.

Skilled & Experienced Contractors

Our experience has given us broad knowledge, skills, and enterprise in the roofing industry. All of our roofing contractors near Northbrook are trained and highly skilled. Any decision we make about your project will be based on our well-rounded understanding.

Top-Quality Service

Whether you need a roof replacement or roof installation, you can trust our roofing company near me in Northbrook to provide you with a top-notch solution that will last for many years.

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Testimonials of White Eagle Roofing Company Northbrook, IL

  • Lisa Blair
    The roof installation we got was very nicely done by White Eagle Roofing Company in Northbrook. They provided fast service and taught us so much about roofing. We were very confident in the care they took with our home.  
    Lisa Blair
    Northbrook, IL
  • Elijah Reid
    Our roof had some issues and we needed a good roofing company in Northbrook to handle it. White Eagle Roofing Company did a wonderful job with our roof replacement, leaving us with a new roof that we don’t have to worry about.
    Elijah Reid
    Northbrook, IL
  • Omar Murphy
    White Eagle Roofing Company responded quickly and gave us all the information we needed to make the right choice for our home. Their service was a great experience to get our roof installation in Northbrook.
    Omar Murphy
    Northbrook, IL
  • Carla Beck
    We are so happy with our roof replacement in Northbrook. White Eagle Roofing Company was very informative and the service was excellent to give us a strong and beautiful roof. We are proud to recommend them.
    Carla Beck
    Northbrook, IL

When You Should Call Roofing Company Northbrook, IL

Curled or Buckling Shingles: An obvious sign of an aging roof is curled or buckling shingles. This buckling is caused by moisture in the attic that pushes the roofing nails out of the roof deck, leaving you to call a roofing company in Northbrook to deal with it.

Tar Streaking or Algae Growth: Tar Streaking and Algae growth arise when bacteria eat away at the weatherproofing shingles provide, and it can lead to a full roof replacement in Northbrook.

Missing Granules: When shingles are missing granules, you might not consider it a big deal but that is part of their weatherproofing system. Look for a buildup of loose granules in your gutters or around your downspouts and contact White Eagle Roofing Company in Northbrook.

Moisture and Mold: When there is inadequate attic venting, warm moist air can become trapped. That can produce condensation on the underside of your roof, rusting out nails and allowing mold to grow. That’s when you need roofing contractors in Northbrook.

Missing Shingles: A roof with missing shingles can easily allow water to enter your home. A new roof installation in Northbrook will make your roof whole again.

Leaky Chimney: Flashing seals your home to protect it against water penetration along the roof and chimney line. Call the roofing company in Northbrook to ensure your flashing provides a tight seal and performs properly.

Step By Step Roof Installation Northbrook, IL

Landscape & Home Protection

White Eagle Roofing Company near me in Northbrook priority is to protect your windows, siding, landscaping, and other features of your home. It's best to bring your potted plants inside, move any lawn furniture, and park your car in the street during your roofing project to keep them safe.

Old Roof Removal

We'll take off the old shingles to inspect the wood decking that's placed beneath them.

Inspection Of Decking

The wood decking should be durable and in good shape before we continue with the roof installation.

Necessary Preparations

When decking is ready to go, our roofing contractors Northbrook will install drip edges to avoid rain from getting into the roofing materials.

New Materials

Next, you'll start seeing your new roof taking shape, and this is when we install the new roofing materials. 

Area Clean-Up

We'll pick up the mess we've made. Our roofing company Northbrook will remove your old roofing materials and check the area for nails and other debris, which are the byproduct of a new roof installation.

Reasons To Hire Licensed Roofing Contractors Northbrook, IL

If you don’t know what you’re doing, roofing is a very dangerous project to take on. That’s why you should be smart about hiring your roofing contractors in Northbrook. Choose a roofing company in Northbrook that is reputable and takes all the necessary safety measures while on the job. Here are just some examples of why you should call licensed and experienced roofing contractors in Northbrook:

Licensed Roofing Contractors Have Expertise

Many state licensing boards will only license roofing contractors after passing certain tests that show the required industry knowledge. A roofing company in Northbrook will know about best roof installation practices, and they will be familiar with permit requirements and regulations.

Licensed Roofing Companies Are Insured

When hiring a reputable roofing company in Northbrook, you can count on the proper licensing and insurance. This offers you the protection you need against liability in the event that the property is damaged or someone gets hurt on the job.

Licensed Roofing Contractors Warranty

Licensed roofers near me in Northbrook offer a guarantee on the work they handle. And being part of your local business community, they will want to uphold their good standing through their reputation.

Advantages of a New Roof Installation Northbrook, IL

Modernized Technology

Even if you want roughly the same kind of roof, the methods for creating the tiles or shingles and correctly integrating them into the roof design have greatly advanced. All the financial, environmental, and security advantages of a contemporary residential roof installation are yours with a new roof.

Energy Savings

Specialists from our White Eagle Roofing Company Wheeling say that modern asphalt composite shingles are far cooler than they first seem to be, as you would have predicted from point one. Recent developments have made it possible for manufacturers to produce shingles that reflect more sunlight rather than absorb it.

Front Appeal

Your home may seem older if your old roof is gently drooping, discolored, filthy, or exhibiting damage that is difficult to see from a distance. Whether you're selling your house or not, a new roof installed by pro roofing contractors Northborok with excellent form and color can greatly improve curb appeal.

Product Guarantee

How long did a warranty cover your roof installation? Because the guarantee had expired by the time the majority of homeowners purchased the house, they are unaware. For a certain amount of time, the guarantee will cover a specific range of roof repairs, maybe including parts and labor.

Considerations When Selecting A Material
For Roof Installation Northbrook, IL

Planning A House

The style of your house will have a role in the roofing material you choose. Asphalt shingles, for instance, may be used with almost any kind of building design, whereas tiles are better suited for older, traditional structures.

Building On The Roof

The choice of material for new roof installation Northbrook is greatly influenced by whether the roof is being built on a new building, as a replacement roof, or as an extension of an already existing building.


To what extent will your roof need regular maintenance? Just what does typical upkeep entail? When do you anticipate using a roofing company Northbrook again? When deciding on a roofing material, keep all of these considerations in mind.


Think about how much stuff you're going to put on the roof since that might compromise its stability. Select materials that strengthen the edifice rather than weaken it.


You should choose a roofing material based on how long it will take to achieve your objectives.